Yoga Alchemy Private Yoga lessons offer a holistic treatment that ignite healing and restoration to ones physical, psychological, neurological and spiritual bodies.  Through this method we will focus on the path of Yoga as a healing journey by cultivating specific Therapeutic Yoga exercises designed for your individual healing needs, intentions, and desires.  These practices will consist of physical exercises, therapeutic facial release therapy, muscle activation therapy, breathing techniques, meditation practices, and affirmations.  Through the exploration of a daily practice that will be given to each student the student will create, stimulate, and maintain an optimal state of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.  The essence of this holistic therapy will balance the energies of your being allowing you to feel and tap in more deeply to your true nature.

Private Yoga Alchemy Lessons are offered at a sliding scale rate per session and a 15% discount is offered when purchased as a 10 pack. Sliding Scale is offered at $90-108 per session.

*Benefits you will Receive...

• Customized Alignment and Postural instructions for your bodies individual needs.
• A deeper awareness and understanding of your physical body & the mechanics of the Asanas (postures).
• Parasympathetic Nervous System healing and recalibration. 
• Greater Strength & Balance on a Physical, Emotional & Spiritual level.
• Private support on achieving your specific Yogic Goals.
• Gaining Confidence in your practice & feeling more prepared to stay safe in group classes. 
• Hands on Adjustments. 
• Less pain in your joints and relief from Chronic Tension.
• Greater flexibility and range of motion in muscles and joints
• Detoxification of the organs, stressor chemicals and systems of the body.
• Better sleep and more ease in your day to day life.
• Create a strong foundation, personal practice, move out of pain, master postures & much more...