Spiritual Counseling is a form of energetic & metaphysical psychotherapy. We meet together one on one either in person or online to explore neurological plasticity (the way your brain & nervous system has been wired & operating from your lifes conditionings, inherited or cultural belief systems & traumas). We dive deep into layers of out dated patterns that you are subconsciously moving from in your daily life that keep you small, stuck or in doubt of the beauty and magnificence that you are and that you are here to be in this world. In these ways a spark of inspirational flows into you and aids in your remembrance of the truth of who you are and where you came from. We work on helping you to feel safe to welcome and compassionately witness all of yourself through shadow work (facing your inner shadows and learning how to love the parts of you that you have been conditioned to deem as “bad” or “dark” by reprogramming your subconscious mind). In this format of therapy an integration of self takes place and you are able to hold yourself in an empowered way acting as a hollow bone for your emotions to flow through; rather that getting stuck in the emotion, judging it, reacting to it or digging yourself a hole. This therapy is a holistic approach to.your empowered sovereignty and also includes the use and healing assistance of Flower Essences.

Flower Essences are vibrational and energetic remedies that assist with healing our chakras. The chakras make up our energetic system and are our organizational centers that receive, assimilate, and transmit life energy.  Flower Essences assist our chakras in shifting deep-seated trauma, woundings and limiting beliefs that have been imprinted into these organizing centers (typically starting in childhood) by moving the energy from the subconscious to the conscious mind. When the energy that is no longer serving us or our highest good has been moved to the conscious mind we can begin to process, sort, reflect upon, and release these old energetic imprints. Flower Essences assist in healing what has been lodged in the body and psyche since childhood all the way to the present. 

Flower Essences are liquid, energetic and vibrational remedies that have been derived from living flowers. They are formulated in a tincture bottle and stabilized in Brandy.  Flower Essences are a vibrational medicine and assist in moving and shifting your vibration. Just as every person has a Spirit, an essence, or carries a specific vibration; so do Flower Essences or any flower, tree, plant, or living being. 

When a Flower Essence is taken internally, you are met Spirit to Spirit, essence to essence, and the two vibrations are harmonized. The vibration, essence, or the Spirit of the flower harmonizes with your Spirit and begins to align your vibration with the vibration of the plant. When our energetic vibrations are raised we begin to move old trauma that is lodged in our chakras (our energetic vortexes that control our emotional, energetic, and spiritual bodies) out... We dislodge old trauma, beliefs, habits, and darkness that holds us back from being the most magnificent humans we can be. As we begin to heal and harmonize our emotional and energetic bodies our physical bodies begin to align and heal as well. For every physical symptom stems from an emotional or energetic symptom or imbalance. 

Most people are searching for one thing in life... happiness. We are looking for ways to exist and relate in conscious and authentic ways in a world full of conditionings and distractions. So we then often find ourselves numbing or separating ourselves from love and happiness by saying "Yes" when we want to say "No", or care-taking others at the expense of our own health, fearing judgement by others, dwelling in negative self talk, and on and on it goes. 

Did you know that studies have shown that 90% of the thoughts we have everyday are monotonous? Flower Essences can support us in changing our thought processes, habits, and patterns. We can then move beyond our self-limiting beliefs, fears, and anxieties into a place of self love, acceptance, and emotional freedom. After all, 

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change." - Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Flower Essences have been used for healing, spiritual development, and in ceremony for centuries in many cultures.  Dr. Edward Bach was a British physician, bacteriologist, and homeopath that recently reintroduced them into our culture.

Flower Essences are distributed in small dropper bottles. To take the essence you will simply shake the bottle gently, and take a few drops under the tongue several times during the day. Flower Essences can also be sprayed or rubbed on sensitive parts of the body such as the inside of the wrists, the soles of the feet or the back of the neck. They can also be added to bath water or to humidifiers.

The response to taking Flower Essences is different for each individual.  Some report immediate and profound results, and others may perceive slight shifts in well-being and in mental and emotional states. 

Flower Essence Therapy commitment is a minimal of three months. This is due to the needed time and space in our healing work together to begin with stabilizing your energy and pulling your Soul back into your body fully. When full embodiment is anchored in we can then start to move up from the root chakra to work on releasing trauma that may exist in the second, third and fourth chakras. 

You will receive one Flower Essence formula specifically formulated for your healing needs every month and additional formulas will also be offered as needed.

*Spiritual Counseling & Flower Essence Therapy is a 3 month minimum commitment. Spiritual Counseling & Flower Essence Therapy is offered at a sliding scale rate of $154-$198 per session. Package rates are also available with additional discount.

*24 hour cancellation notice is required or full payment is due at time of originally scheduled service. Thank you.

*Benefits you will Receive...

• A deeper awareness of your Chakra System & how you function from each energetic center.
• The reclamation of lost or fragmented pieces of your soul through Full embodiment.
• Self-Love
• One on One personal guidance, attention, nurturance and compassionate witnessing.
• Guided embodiment practices that guide you back to your highest truth.
• Emotional & Energetic support throughout the month for your Highest Healing. 
• Customized Resources & Practices to support your healing journey. 
• Remembrance of the Truth & Love that lies within you. 
• A deeper connection with yourself and Spirit. 
• More Joy & Emotional Freedom in your Life. 
• A Flower Essence Formula to support your continued healing journey. 

“You are powerful in your letting go. You are more powerful in your letting go than in your holding on. The letting go is your strength. The more you can let go, the stronger you become. Fear causes people to grasp and hold. Letting go creates Infinite freedom. I suggest you take Infinite freedom.” Divine Mother through Connie Huebner

 “Flower essences exalt our chakras so that our soul can fully incarnate and do what it has come to this planet to do.” Joanne Ameya Cohen