Moon Temples & Sacred Love Counsel

Greetings Beloved Sister, 

Thank you for visiting our Moon Temples Page. It is not an accident that you have landed on this page and is certainly a Divine Appointment in having you here. 

I am grateful and deeply honored to announce the rest of 2019’s Moon Temple Dates so that you may save the dates or pre-register if you would like to reserve your spot in the Temples. If you would like to pre-register for these Temples please send your PayPal registration fee of $22 to (Friends & Family Route) or to Venmo @SPIRITOFTHEROSE & please add in your payment note what Moon Temple date or dates you are pre-registering for). 

Thank you beauties. Can not wait to share in sacred circle with you soon. 


Ullasita Rose Devi

2019 Moon Temple Dates 

October New Moon Samhain Temple 

October 26th


November Full Beaver Moon Temple 

November 12th


December Winter Solstice (Yule)

 Divine Feminine Christ Moon Temple

 December 21st


Full & New Moon Temple’s & Sacred Love Counsel Drumming Circles

When we gather in sacred space as woman with shared intention, the wisdom of the circle becomes alive and is the teacher for us all. Teachings, lessons, opportunities and wisdom live in our experiences during the practices that are offered and in the reflections and interactions we have with our sisters. This may be in the form of ease and joy. It may also come as a trigger or intense emotions. All is welcome when received as medicine to the reclamation of our Divine Feminine Blueprint.

It is through each and everyone of us that have given our Yes to being in circle with one another that allows us to show up fully to be, to heal, to journey deep within, to discover who we are as woman, to step into our personal empowerment and the re-education of who we are and what our truth is, and it is through our reflection of one another that this is possible. So anchoring in our strong intentions for our circle. And letting our intentions really land into the depths of our souls is the essence of our Temple space.  Our container (the strong masculine energy) is held and set with integrity so the feminine energy inside of us can really flourish, dance & weave so we can therefore move out old past pains and traumas and feel the deep truth that is awakened by the alchemy of our communion and most importantly so that we feel very safe while doing so. We are building our temple as a strong foundation for our deepest healing & reclamation. 

 This is for you, for the cultivation of your own deepening and healing. And so you can move away from the past paradigm of separation, competition, comparison, jealousy, and hatred that disempower woman as a whole. So we together can move into a place of unity, love and appreciation for the beauty within all of our sisters. Recognizing that we are all an extension of one another. 

When one of us has a deep celebration that is a celebration for all of us. 

This reclamation, this powerful claiming of your truth to anchor you into the woman within you that is rising. We are birthing and transitioning into this new cycle of being. 

Open up the sacred heart and plant it into the sacred sister circle. It is through our shared voice and intention that we get to witness each other, to feel heard, to be healed in our throat, to be healed in our creative expression and truth to move upward and outward through the voice, the lips, the tongue. Planting in our strong intentions into the sacred souls of our sister circle. 

Through guided group embodiment practices & drumming journeys we delve deep into the subconscious realms to explore the sacred realms within that allow us to heal energies that are stored within our bodies that we may not be conscious of.  As we receive insights into our current life and touch into areas in our life's that have not been seen, heard, or witnessed we can begin to surface and release old thought patterns, beliefs, and behaviorisms that are holding us back from living our most high potential.  Sacred Love Counsel will be offered after we journey to witness and share the deep and profound healing that arise from Shamanic Journeying.

Moon Temples are 2 1/2 to 3 hours and are $22 per temple.

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Please pre-register for Moon Temples by contacting me by phone 405-706-2277 or email at 

Moon Temples are located at :

Spirit of the Rose
1717 Caddell Lane
Norman OK 73069


"A circle of women may be the most powerful force known to humanity. If you have one, embrace it. If you need one, seek it. If you find one, for the love of all that is good and holy, dive in. Hold on. Love it up. Get naked. Let them see you. Let them hold you. Let your reluctant tears fall. Let yourself rise fierce and love gentle. You will be changed. The very fabric of your being will be altered.” - Jeanette LeBlanc