Are you ready to journey into a new way of living, being, thinking, and existing in this world, yet feeling overwhelmed by the surplus of amazing opportunities?  It would be my honor to co-create your new way of existing in this world by personally guiding you in the direction of your dreams.  We will explore together how you can slowly and gracefully shift your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states of being that will be soft and subtle so they will imprint gently into your life and last of a lifetime.  Moving through nutritional and wellness counseling, cleansing routines, daily and lunar self love rituals, physical disciplines, breathing and meditation techniques we will slowly integrate a new way of being into your world.  You will be provided with exercises that will assist you in your clarity and purpose, resources, and reading material that will guide you forward on your most aligned path.   I will share inspiration with you and assist you in choosing the most aligned training opportunities, teachers, and therapies for your individual desires and dreams to be met and fulfilled.

*Holistic Wellness Mentoring is offered at a sliding scale rate per month with a 3 month minimum commitment. Sliding Scale is offered at $108-154 per session. Package rates are also available with additional discount.

*Benefits you will Receive...

Purification and healing of your physical body, organs, endocrine system and bodily tissues. 

• A deeper awareness and understanding of your physical body & your own bio-individual needs. 

• Parasympathetic Nervous System healing and recalibration. 

• Greater Strength & Balance on a Physical, Emotional & Spiritual level.

• Private support on achieving your specific Cleansing & Healing Goals.

• Self Discipline & Empowerment

• Detoxification on all levels.

• Heightened sense of awareness

• Sense of ease & grace 

• Self-Responsibility

• Clearer mind 

• More freedom in your joints and tissues