Spirit of the Rose is a Holistic Healing Center that offers healing therapies for the Mind, Body, and Spirit. These therapies include Yoga Alchemy, Flower Essence Therapy, Moon Temples, Crystal Bed Light Therapy, Holistic Wellness Mentorship, Sacred Love Counsel and Sacred Retreats. 


I am here to radiate my sacred self outwardly for the collective good of all. To open up completely and allow my inner Divinity to shine outwardly and radiate like the rays of the sun, illuminating all, transmitting healing vibrations that ripple out infinitely. I am here to facilitate deep intuitive wisdom and to assist in my own healing and therefore assisting in the healing of woman, and our Mother Gaia. I intend to reflect & mirror my healing path of transmutation and consciousness to others so that they may learn to weave their own path of healing into their lives and find their own empowered sovereignty. 

I am here to remember who I truly am and to recognize myself in all others eyes and theirs in mine. To surface and facilitate the healing of deeply rooted wounds and karmic wounds within, so that I may align with the Divine vibration and inspire others to do the same.

I have been on the path of the healing healer for the majority of my life. I have dedicated my life to my own healing and to be in selfless service to others. I am grateful to be a perpetual student of life. I have been privileged to study many paths and traditions that I weave into my offerings and reflections. I am deeply humbled and blessed to have been given the opportunity to share Earth Medicine, Yoga Alchemy, Holistic Wellness Mentoring, Sacred Love Counsel and reflect healing and Divine light to others. My Dharma (life's mission) is to inspire others to live life in a way in which everything is sacred and all that comes can be swallowed as sacred medicine that will benefit the healing of their Mind, Body, and Spirit. 

Deep Bows & Infinite Blessings, 

Ullasita Rose Devi (Catie Coon)