Please join us in sacred sisterhood as we journey into the Magick and Mystery of this Holy time. 

October 26th 2019 6:30-9:30pm

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The High Holy Day of Sahmain marks the Celtic New Year. It holds the mark of when we enter into the darkest part of the year. Mother Earth lets out her beautiful exhale and begins her journey of releasing and letting go. So to do we begin this decent into our shedding and releasing as we are one with Mother Earth and She is one with us.

Many of us celebrate Halloween or All Saints Eve or Day & have forgotten the original essence of this time. It is important that we honor this time as we awaken our slumber from the veils of illusion that have been imprinted in our minds for a millennia.

Lunar Samhain is when the Dark Moon and Sun are both in the deep Watery sign of Scorpio. This day opens the portal of Samhain, which is a Celtic High Holy Day. It’s a time of Depth, Spell-casting, Dream Weaving, Magick and Mystery.

At this time the veils begin to thin weaving in a greater potency of Magick allowing for heightened sensitivity and a greater access for the information and guidance from Spirit, our ancestors and our Guides to come through. This is when we dream our world (inner and outer) awake as we surrender & release old, outdated paradigms, belief systems, conditionings, patterns, and thoughts.

Samhain is the midpoint between the Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice. The trees & plants in our region begin their journey into the cold and the dark. They release their seeds into the dormancy of the black soils of the Earth which is essential for their transformation into the season of Springs renewed life. Seeds and roots surrender into the unknown of their future as they submit to the call of life demanding their passage through death.  This passage allows them to commit themselves to their ever-evolving purpose in the great mystery of things...

This is also a sacred time when the “veil between the living and the dead is said to be at its thinnest.” It is a time to honor all living beings that have passed through these cycles of change over and over again through the portals of the seasons.  As with all of humanity, each person who has ever walked the soils of this Earth has made this great passage from the finite to the infinite, from life to death and the life that is after death. And so the cycles of birth, life, death and rebirth go on and on… Each of us throughout our lives repeats this cycle in our yearly seasonal circling of the Sun as well.  And in each daily turning of night into day we can renew our vows, devotions & dreams to heal and evolve the creative possibilities of our individual lives.

   The only thing that is real in life is that which does not change… and change is the only constant demand we know & are asked to embrace. The undying mystery of existence requires us to understand, embrace and surrender to change. Change requires each individual soul to peel away the illusions of our own ego and to surrender to the currents of the Great Cosmic orchestration of life. It requires us to die to our own ignorance and the fears of the unknown.  Change is a call from an institutionalized state of addiction into the courage to recover and to live & walk The Beauty Way. 

At this time of Samhain we come together to ask for healing guidance from all beings as we face the dark nights of winter that are approaching and the darkness of our perilous times in history that we are present to. That is why we gather to enter Sahmain.

The macro to the micro. The finite to the infinite. The Seen and the Unseen Commune. Ancestors cross the veils and presence themselves. Spirit and physicality merge.

Samhain has so much to offer each of us. As we are all journeying through and being journeyed through stages of our rising and descending, our remembering and forgetting, we have the invitation to go deep into the Dark. We can reclaim our lost Selves, our lost stories and our lost bloodlines. We are the answer to our ancestors prayers through the redemption and reclamation of our Souls Highest truths.

Come join us as we circle together and descend into our shadows, commune with our ancestors and shed what no longer serves. The power of women circling together is incredibly profound and transformative. Looking forward to communing with you soon dear one.


Blessed Samhain Sister 🎃💀🧙🏼‍♀️

Together We Will:

  • Honor our ancestors and all of the Earth Priestesses that have come before us, for ALL they have gifted us on our path (blessings and challenges).

  • See and be seen in the greatest blessing a woman can share with another woman… that of sitting in circle together as the ancients did.

  • Remember the holy rhythms of the moon that lives within your womb.

  • Sing, chant and praise

  • Allow Mother Goddess to support the letting go of belief systems, patterns, habits, and symptoms that are keeping you stuck, suffering and complacent.

  • Be witnessed as a Sovereign Woman who carries the sacred codes of REMEMBRANCE & the currents of dark and light.

This Sister Circle will be alive with interactive communion. 

*Cost $22

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1717 Caddell Lane
Norman, OK 73069

See you in the Temple soon sweet sacred sister.

*Above photo taken at Moon Temple Facilitator Training with Woman Rising & Goddess Rising