Yoga Alchemy Private Yoga lessons offer a holistic treatment that ignite healing and restoration to ones physical, psychological and spiritual bodies.  Through this method we will focus on the path of Yoga as a healing journey by cultivating specific Therapeutic Yoga exercises designed for your individual healing needs, intentions, and desires.  These practices will consist of physical exercises, breathing techniques, meditation practices, and affirmations.  Through the exploration of a daily practice that will be given to each student the student will create, stimulate, and maintain an optimal state of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.  The essence of this holistic therapy will balance the energies of your being allowing you to feel and tap in more deeply to your true nature.

*Yoga Alchemy Public Yoga Classes at Ashtanga Yoga Studio 120 East Tonhawa St. Norman OK 73069

Tuesday's 9:30am-11am (All Levels) 

Yoga Alchemy Classes will offer a holistic approach to the practice of yoga by joining together a vast understanding of Ashtanga Yoga (the Eight Limbed yoga path) by exploring the Yamas (5 ethical disciplines) and Niyamas (5 spiritual observations). These inspirational classes will weave together traditional breath & alignment based Ashtanga sequences & asanas, Yoga Therapeutics, Pranayama, Mantra, Mudra, & Meditation moving the body, mind and spirit through the Koshas (the 5 layers or sheaths of Self) to touch into and assist in the healing of the whole person. We will journey through the 7 major Chakras (energy vortices) and explore different physical, energetic and spiritual practices that assist in activating and healing these energetic centers. Through the lens of the Chakras we will also attune our practice to the 5 Elements & dive deeper into our emotional healing through bringing awareness to the Klesha's (the five primary obstacles we face as human beings) & antidotes to these aspects of Self. This will be a beautifully inspired class for all of those seeking to deepen their awareness of themselves and to fully enliven their personal healing and yoga practice.

*This class will also honor the present cosmic current and lunar phases and will celebrate with Chandra Namaskar classes on the New & Full Moon Days.